Service Updates

Network Disruption: South Island Weather Warning - 13/06/2022

13-Jun-2022 03:51 PM - Support
*UPDATE 9.30am 14/06/2022*

Due to severe weather last night, please expect delays across the South Island for all carriers.


*UPDATE 4.50pm 13/06/2022*

The Lindis Pass has closed due to snow.  The Road is shown closed until tomorrow morning.  SHwy 85 is still open and the outbound freight ex Central Otago/Queenstown will take this longer route to get out.  It is most likely that this route will not be viable overnight, so there may be delays into Central Otago/Queenstown tomorrow morning.


The met service has issued road snow warnings for all South Island passes (Lindis, Lewis, Arthurs, Burkes and Haast) for tonight. This has the potential to disrupt freight deliveries for the South Island.

Customers sending cold chain or time sensitive items to these locations should consider the possible delays. 

Any Items will be considered as sent at sender risk.

Network Disruption: South Island Weather Warning

10-Jun-2022 04:03 PM - GSS Team
The Met Service has extended the Road Snow fall warnings for the lower South Island for tonight. This will affect The Lindis Pass but may also affect the approaches to Dunedin. 

If the Lindis Pass is affected it would delay freight into Central Otago, Queenstown, Wanaka. And if the approach to Dunedin is affected then Dunedin and Invercargill will also have delayed freight. 

Cold chain or time sensitive freight will be at senders risk.

Christmas 2021 Hours

23-Dec-2021 10:06 PM - Minal Gulabdas
Our team is taking a well-deserved break from 24th Dec, returning back on 10th Jan 2022.

During this time, all couriers and bulk providers are still fully operational. For any track and trace queries, please call the courier or bulk provider directly.

For technical support, we do have a staff member available via phone.

Our technical support hours from 24th December to 7th January is from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm.

For non-urgent matters you can still email

Network Disruption- NZ Couriers Collection Restrictions In Auckland Region

15-Dec-2021 09:16 AM - Rowan
Please see the important notice regarding NZ Courier collections in Auckland for this week.

"Our Auckland hub has seen an immense surge in freight volume in the past 1 week. We have tried our best in the past few days to control some portion of freight coming into our local Auckland branches but we continue to face an overflow of freight. Our fleet is under pressure and unable to move all the freight we are holding to the service standards we measure ourselves by.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday (15th & 16th December), we will not be accepting any local freight within the Auckland region. All local items can be released into our network from Friday (17th December)- with the exception of medical items. We will still collect and delivery medical items locally. This will take some pressure of our local Auckland network connections to recoup and deliver what we already have in our network. 
  • There will be a 3pm cut off for all collections for the remainder of this week and all of next week.
We fully understand the pressure this puts on our customers as well as receivers. But our priority right now is move what we currently hold and streamline our connections to the point where we can support end of day collections seamlessly, like before. The last 7 days have shown us that bottlenecks are most likely to occur in the evenings and the situation has now become extreme.  Large courier consignment volumes requiring pick-up during the day and through late afternoon can mean freight is not prepared and positioned in time to move through our evening network for the fastest delivery possible. 
The volume of freight that we are currently facing, is beyond anything we have ever seen before. The issues faced through this latest lockdown and in the lead up to Christmas have been significant and in some cases compounding.

There have been a number of contributing factors:

1. The Inter Island ferry disruptions which have disrupted the flow of equipment back to Auckland, this has had a snow ball effect.
2. Delays in the supply chain which have delayed new / extra equipment into New Zealand, leading to shortages.
3. We have seen B2C courier items increase by up to 100% due to the popularity of online shopping during Auckland’s lockdown.
4. We have seen many examples where customers have shifted large multi-carton consignments to New Zealand Courtiers, which would usually travel with their bulk transport provider.

These points and others like the severe shortage of available labour in the current employment market have all resulted in the network being currently beyond its capacity and we do not have any room to store freight. 
Whilst the steps we are implementing will assist in keeping freight moving, the sheer number of packages moving from now until Christmas means some delays will be inevitable and we apologise for this.  We would also appreciate that phone calls to our customer services team are minimised, and online tools such as track and trace are used where possible.
So, to summarise the key points:

  • Our Auckland Couriers and Branches will NOT be accepting courier items for delivery to Greater Auckland on Wednesday 15th December or Thursday 16th December.
  • Our Auckland Couriers will NOT be picking up any inter-city courier items after 3 pm each day (this will be in force for the rest of this week and all of next week).
On behalf of New Zealand Couriers, we sincerely apologise for the impact that these necessary steps have on you and your customers. This situation is being monitored continuously and I will surely get in touch with you as soon as we have further updates on this."

- NZ Couriers

NZ Couriers Collections 4pm Cut Off - 13/12/2021

13-Dec-2021 01:07 PM - Rowan
Please see the update around NZ Couriers collections today:

"We have reviewed the collection setting for this week based on how our network performs over the weekend. This is a fast changing situation and decisions are being adjusted constantly as the facts change. But we do have a preliminary plan in place for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday this week: 

Final collections for all Auckland customers will be made at 4pm. After the 4pm collection, our drivers will return to depot to deliver leftover freight from this backlog. (This is applicable only for non-medical items. All medical items will be collected as per the usual schedule) 

Apologies for the short notice and lack of total clarity – the evolving nature of the situation means our plans are likely to be adjusted again as the position develops. But I do want to give you a heads up so medical/urgent/priority items can be prepared and sent by 4pm over the next few days."

- NZ Couriers