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GoSweetSpot are proud of the software we have created and the amazing products we offer to our customers – we believe we are the best in the market of courier solutions. We strive to make things better and simpler for our customers to use. As a successful Kiwi-owned start-up, we are continuing to grow and build our team. This means we are often on the look-out for people to join our talented group to help us thrive even more! We prosper in a fun, casual, environment where we work as a team to succeed in our ventures.    

Our teams encompass a wide range of skills that are essential to our success as well our office culture. We have an amazing Customer Support and Account Management team that work directly with our customers to ensure the best service possible. Our Development team are always on the grind to improve and further innovate our software to satisfy our customer’s needs and ensure we have a brilliant product that our Sales team are proud to go out into the market with.  

What we do 

We are New Zealand’s largest courier and freight aggregator. Businesses use our platform enabling them to book parcels and use a wide variety of courier companies rather than being limited to one. Small to medium business love using our software that makes sending out orders a breeze! Orders are processed, printed, provided a tracking number and auto-updates the status of the parcel using our platform. We continue to add to our product for ease of use and are readily developing new features and apps. As we have developed the software ourselves, we are able to listen to our customers and staff to continuously improve what and how we do things.

How we began 

In conjunction with the freight management software that we developed and securing strong relationships with carefully selected domestic & international courier and freight providers, GoSweetSpot was formed. Early 2010, our Co-Founding Directors – Damon, Minal, and Tadek had their first client and were on their way!  

GoSweetSpot has grown from a band of mates working from home, to becoming New Zealand’s Number One courier and freight aggregator, making light work of shipping for over 3,000 NZ businesses.

Reasons to love working at GoSweetSpot  

We love to work hard and play hard. Our workplace is a place where people enjoy being together as a team. We have a breakroom with table tennis and a dartboard with one of us always ready for a game! Music in the background is a must have for us, along with free office snacks to keep everyone going throughout the day.    

In addition to the fun stuff, we also offer a hybrid working environment where staff can work up to 2 days per week from home using a laptop + any other components/peripherals provided by us to support this way of working. 

Our Teams 

  • Account Management  
  • Business Support  
  • Customer Support  
  • Development Team 
  • Sales Team 


Our Final Say

This is a fantastic place to work.   

GoSweetSpot are constantly improving and innovating ways to grow our business and provide the best support to our customers. We would love to have you join the team and take part in improving the courier industry with us!  


If you want to be a part of our team, apply for one of the roles advertised below. If you don’t see a vacancy but would love to be part of our team, reach out to us at [email protected] 

Ready to boost your business by sorting all of your shipment needs in the sweetest spot?

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