Service Updates

NZ Couriers Collections 4pm Cut Off - 13/12/2021

13-Dec-2021 01:07 PM - Rowan
Please see the update around NZ Couriers collections today:

"We have reviewed the collection setting for this week based on how our network performs over the weekend. This is a fast changing situation and decisions are being adjusted constantly as the facts change. But we do have a preliminary plan in place for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday this week: 

Final collections for all Auckland customers will be made at 4pm. After the 4pm collection, our drivers will return to depot to deliver leftover freight from this backlog. (This is applicable only for non-medical items. All medical items will be collected as per the usual schedule) 

Apologies for the short notice and lack of total clarity – the evolving nature of the situation means our plans are likely to be adjusted again as the position develops. But I do want to give you a heads up so medical/urgent/priority items can be prepared and sent by 4pm over the next few days."

- NZ Couriers