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Potential Inter Islander Ferry Delays

15-Jun-2021 11:18 AM - Rowan
Below is the latest update with regard to the InterIslander ferries as this does look to be an ongoing issue and may be with us for some weeks to come. We (Post Haste and Castle Parcels) are attempting to find space on Bluebridge for this period but so are all other transport companies! I will keep you posted as more information is available but in essence there will be delays between the islands for some weeks in front of us:

Potential Inter Islander Ferry Delays
Tuesday 15th June

InterIslander Ferry Line has alerted us to an issue that will cause potential delays to all ferry sailings across Cook Straight for some time.

The ferry Aratere has had a major issue which will take it out of service for up to four weeks. The ferry Kaitaki has been out of service on routine maintenance for several weeks already which had resulted in rescheduling of all sailings to keep up with demands. The removal of the Aratere from service has dictated that the Kaitaki be brought back into service prior to completion of its maintenance work, however there will still be significant gaps in the sailing times which will have a flow on effect for the movement of trucks both north and south bound. 

We envisage that this will cause ongoing delays to our road linehaul network between the islands during this period and could add an additional 1-2 days to our standard delivery schedule. We will of course do all we can to mitigate any delays but please be considerate when enquiring about late deliveries as it will more than likely be as a result of the rescheduling of the Interislander Ferry sailings.