Service Updates

COVID-19 Update: Couriers continue to deliver

24-Mar-2020 02:27 p.m. - Minal Gulabdas
As we all now know, New Zealand will be going to a COVID-19 escalation of level 4 within the next 24 hours. The ramifications of this is that all non-essential services will be placed into lockdown.
These are unsettled times and our thoughts are with those in the world who are struggling with sickness, or worse, dealing with loss of loved ones.
As you will be aware, many businesses will have staff working from home with the evolving situation regarding COVID-19. As a primarily IT based company, we are grateful that we can also offer this to our team and so from today all GSS staff will work from home.
All customer support services will continue as normal unless we are advised otherwise and emails and calls will still be responded to, as per usual.
You will only be able to operate out of your business address if you are classed as an essential business.
We recommend calling the government provided help line on 0800 779 997 for advice around this. If you are a non-essential business you are able to send from your home address as long as you comply with the government locked down regulations.
What we do know now, is that domestic and international couriers will continue to collect and deliver for those organisations that are able to remain open.
What we need from you:
  • If your business is remaining open for collection, talk to your courier and set-up collection point/s that support Government COVID–19 protocols. Collection points should allow for a social distancing protocol of 2-metres between your courier and members of your team.
  • Contact the GSS Team or local Courier Branch for any further direction or assistance.
If it is possible for your business to operate from your home address, the couriers will collect from your home address.
If you need to change your address to your home address, please follow the below steps:
Log into your GSS account
  1. Go to the Billing >> Change Address
  2. Add your new/temporary address
  3. Additional Notes: Please clearly input which Courier Provider. During this period, you will have to choose 1 primary courier.

This will then notify our Team of your new address. This can take up to three days to change.
You will be notified once the change has been actioned.
Once completed you will be able to book a driver to your home address.  Please do not make any bookings in the interim.
We ask that you please be patient with this process as I'm sure you can imagine we will be receiving hundreds of these. Our team will do their best to action these as quickly as possible. We have taken on new staff to aid with this process.
If you use a Thermal Printer and you need this to be set up at your home, click the below link. If you have any issues we ask if you could please email the support team and they will schedule a time to set this up for you.
Finally, please understand that things will be different for quite some while – for this reason, we are taking the time to set up our business in a way that will work for you on an ongoing basis. Please do be patient – we will be providing further updates as this situation evolves.
Please have confidence and be assured that we will do everything we can to support you, your customers and your business through these uncertain times.
Any questions or concerns please contact your GSS Account Manager.
Be safe, stay home and keep your distance.
Tadek Ptak.