Service Updates

Severe Weather Disruptions

11-Apr-2018 11:03 a.m. - Rowan Brady
With severe weather effecting most parts of the country overnight there will be delivery delays to most sectors of New Zealand especially North Island.

Christchurch airport was closed for a significant period overnight due to high winds and most of our airfreight was badly affected as the flight delays missed all road Linehaul connections and only a minimal amount of that freight will be in place today, restricted to main centres in all likelihood.

Inter Islander Line cancelled ferry sailings from Tuesday afternoon and as yet these have still not recommenced. This will see all inter island road freight through the network delayed into both North and South Islands by at least a day if not longer which is entirely dependent on ferry sailings resuming later today.

Snow closed the Desert Road overnight and as such all Linehaul movements had to be routed through National Park both north and south which will delay inbound arrival times between upper and lower North Island Branches. Delays into all North Island branches will be inevitable.

Thank you for your understanding as we work through the challenges that the weather has presented us, your patience is appreciated.